Collocation Towers and Infrastructure Sharing

• Over 500 cell site strategically located in all 36 states of the federation. Giving us a presence in all the 36 state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.
• We also have various teams of qualified engineer that are ready to deploy to professionally develop and deliver turnkey sites meeting specific client’s requirement without compromising quality.
• Tower development and construction to meet individual requirement while complying with applicable standards.

CT Diesel Tracker: Asset Management

With expanding business activities, clients need to monitor their diesel consumption, availability and ascertain supply authenticity. The CT- Diesel tracker is a solution designed to give the client of having a remote access to your diesel facility giving you the feel of been there physically. With the help of the diesel tracker you will be able to monitor;
• Diesel/ Fuel Inventory
• Genset Records
• Environmental
• Intrusion alarms
• Ambient Temperature
• Humidity and others


This is a comprehensive e-Learning tool specifically developed for the Senior Secondary School Student to prepare them for various statutory examinations. The package is put together by Nigerian professionals with proven track records in delivering excellence in secondary school education in this country. You may consider the Slingshot package as your Virtual class room assisting the teacher to teach better and the students to learn better at their convenience.

  •  ·Motivates the student to learn, unsupervised
  • Improve the teacher’s ability to teach;
  • Enables the student to become familiar with ICT technologies recently adopted by WAEC/JAMB in conducting examinations;


  •  The package includes: 


·         Virtual classes (Multimedia class tutorial)- all topics in the curriculum covered comprehensively with corresponding lesson notes.


·         The package comes in a flash drive per class i.e one flash Drive for SS1, 2 and 3 respectively; this made it easily usable on windows system. Note that the flash can only be used on one system.


·         Easy to install and use application. Same flash can be use on same system in case of system failure.


·         The Slingshot package comes at a prize of N7000 per class (including cost of flash drive)

Watch Sample Virtual classroom here:


ESET (Exam Simulation and Evaluation Tool): With the ESET program, CT Learning is revolutionizing the concept of Mock examinations as an indication of preparedness for standardized national examinations such as WASSC/JAMB and NECO. The package is a computer based testing program with robust analytical and statistical engines with the following features:

Capability to generate student, school, State level, program level tracking for student performance for calibration and resource management;


A pool of past and newly developed questions and answers administered in a way that forces the Student to think – not cram! This is administered in a way that prepares the Student, not just to be ready for the electronic testing initiatives by JAMB and WASSCE, but to be better prepared to compete in the burgeoning global economy;


Solutions provided with detailed step/step logic in a way to facilitate independent studying by the Student;


New and Fresh questions continuously developed to differentiate the package from contemporary e-Learning tools that prevail in the Nigerian educational space.






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