CT Nigeria has launched in a virtual interactive e-learning product called CT-Learning Slingshot with a sole aim of developing secondary school students in Nigeria. CT-Learning Slingshot software give students a “close to class-room” experience from the comfort of their homes. The unique advantage of our software is that it was carefully thought by seasoned Nigerian teachers with years of experience in interacting with secondary school students with different learning curves so that everyone can be carried along. There many years of experience in preparing secondary students for both WASSCE and JAMB makes it a must have for every preparing for these exams. The easy to use interphase of the software makes learning more fun and interesting.

CT-Learning SlingShot is a comprehensive e-Learning tool specifically developed for the Nigerian secondary school student, by Nigerian professionals with proven track records in delivering excellence in secondary school education in this country.

The package covers SS3 through SS1 syllabus in nine subjects:
Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Government, Computer Science, and Commerce.



Lectures are delivered by subject experts who are actually teaching in some of the most successful secondary schools in Nigeria; the localized language of program delivery blends very well with what the Nigerian pupil will be familiar with;

The Lesson Notes – which is part of the pre-loaded e-Learning content – are developed locally and continually updated as curriculum changes are approved by the relevant authorities in the country; these updates are made available to the students are no additional charge.

The CT-Learning Slingshot and ESET is two in one package which is made up of CT-Learning Slingshot and ESET. ESET, a program that administers specially packaged electronic mock exams to SS2/SS3 students in Nigeria, will provide constant feedback to the developers of Slingshot program based on actual results coming from the e-Mock examinations. There is no other e-Learning program as of this time in the country that has this structured performance feedback loop into program enhancement.